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    1、 Choose the processing route
    There are two ways to handle 400 calls. One is to find a telecommunications operator, but the cost of handling 400 calls is relatively high for the three major operators because they have many services, and 400 calls are only a part of them. Therefore, they do not have a lot of energy to spend on this business, which will result in higher fees. The second is to find an agent to handle it. Currently, 90% of enterprises in the market handle 400 phone calls through an agent. Choosing an agent to open is cheaper than choosing an operator to open, but it is important to pay attention to the qualifications of the agent, especially the business license, and remember to apply blindly to avoid poor results after opening the 400 phone number, which may lead to difficulties in promoting the company's business.
    2、 Choose a number
    To apply for a 400 phone call, you must first select a number. Different number segments belong to different operators. Enterprises can choose the number segment according to their own needs. Currently, there are several options available, including 4008, 4009 (Telecom), 4000, 4006 (Unicom), and 4001, 4007 (Mobile). These are the starting numbers, and other numbers can be freely selected by enterprises on the platform.
    3、 Prepare company information
    In fact, handling 400 phone information also requires simplicity. All you need is a company business license and a copy of the applicant's ID card, but it needs to be stamped with the company seal. Many business managers are not very concerned about this, but it can easily lead to infringement of the company's rights and interests. Therefore, when the company's business license is copied, it should be noted that it is only used for handling 400 phone calls.
    4、 Signing a contract
    Once the above information is prepared and the number is selected, you can sign a contract with the agent. The purpose of signing the contract is to determine the tariff and determine the business content, in order to avoid any changes in the agent's business that may affect the 400 phone service in the future.
    5、 Waiting for activation and use
    Each 400 number has a corresponding management platform. After completing the 400 call, enterprises should remember to find an agent to obtain the login permission of the management platform. This way, they can check the balance, bind and change the number, and reserve the phone bill.
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