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    來源:http://www.xiaosheng168.com 發布時間:2023-07-21 09:07:56 瀏覽次數:

    Although small screens on mobile phones are now the mainstream, television is still one of the indispensable items at home. A few seconds of TV advertising and specialized TV shopping channels are still one of the main promotion camps for major brands.
    Turning on the TV, especially on shopping channels, we often see hosts promoting products, introducing their advantages and usage methods, and then verbally broadcasting the purchase method. By calling 400, you can book an order and deliver it to your doorstep, which is the main ordering method.
    The old people who like TV shopping said: "TV shopping is good. It's very detailed and easy to buy. You don't need to use mobile phones to operate various software. Just dial a 400 phone number, and someone will deliver the goods to your door and pay Cash on delivery.
    In the old man's words, he understood the advantages and convenience of TV shopping, including the help of the 400 phone number. This is also one of the important reasons why TV shopping advertisements coincidentally choose Jinan 400 phone as the key shopping channel.
    In addition to convenience, the 400 phone has more core advantages:
    Enhance the brand image and trust of the enterprise.
    The 400 number is a symbol of corporate strength and is used by many well-known large enterprises both domestically and internationally. As a company that also uses 400 phones, it is also trustworthy in the minds of consumers, just like well-known companies, thereby greatly enhancing the brand image of the company.
    The phone is not busy, helping businesses not miss out on business opportunities.
    Television advertisements are aimed at national audiences, and once broadcasted, the consultation volume at the same time is very large. Faced with such a large amount of inquiries in a short period of time, the 400 phone has the ability to keep the line busy.
    A regular 10 digit number for easy memory.
    A short and easy to remember 10 digit number is a key technique for overcoming customers' purchasing psychological barriers. Long numbers cannot be remembered, complex numbers are easy to forget. The 400 phone number with only 10 digits and a combination of numbers to choose from fully meets the needs of enterprises to quickly remember service hotline numbers for customers. Greatly reducing the threshold for customers to make phone calls, improving the consultation volume and purchase conversion rate.
    In addition, the customer call data recording and analysis function of 400 phones provides powerful Market data for enterprise managers. In addition, it can effectively monitor the service quality of staff through functions such as call recording! From customers to employees, control every marketing detail and continuously improve marketing effectiveness! If you need it, please come to the website for consultation and contact us http://www.xiaosheng168.com Come on!
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