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    In real life, many people also know that the 400 phone number is a relatively common customer service phone number. In fact, most companies basically use the 400 phone number to make a formal phone display to the public, because they will use such a phone number to replace the original phone number and fixed phone number. So, compared to some ordinary phone numbers, what are the unique advantages of the 400 phone number? Below is an analysis by the 400 phone service personnel in Jinan:
    1. The phone numbers are different
    The 400 phone itself is a 10 digit virtual phone number and a national phone number, with no regional restrictions at all. In fact, when choosing these phone numbers, we can fully see from the fourth dimension what kind of operator such a phone number is for hosting.
    The mobile number itself is either 4001 or 4007, and the entire phone number range is 4008 or 4009. However, on the entire China Unicom number, it is 4000 and 4006. Mobile phone numbers or fixed phone numbers are all located in different regions, and it is relatively difficult to distinguish between current operators.
    2. The processing conditions may vary
    From the perspective of processing conditions, if a company chooses a 400 phone number, at least they need to prepare a relatively complete set of qualifications. As a telephone provider, they are not for every company to handle the process, only qualified companies can handle it. If you want to apply for a mobile phone number, only individuals can apply at the business hall, and there are no too many restrictions in this regard
    From this perspective, it means that opening a 400 phone number is itself a legitimate enterprise. Users may have higher security during the consultation process, but the security of using their personal phone number may be relatively poor.
    3. Differences in functional conditions
    The functions of a 400 phone are actually quite extensive. During the process of handling it, you can learn more about it. If it is a 400 phone, there are voice navigation or engineering broadcasts, as well as call records, which are greatly helpful for enterprise services, office work, and promotion. Any enterprise can enhance its strength through a 400 phone, And mobile phones and fixed phones can only be used as customer service, which is relatively small in terms of assistance to enterprises.
    So for enterprises themselves, they still have some advantages when handling 400 phone calls. From a perspective, 400 phone calls are for answering business and cannot be called out. This is different from fixed phone calls on mobile phones. If you receive a call from 400 phone calls in your daily life, it is recommended that everyone be able to prevent fraud. If you have a need for a 400 phone number, please come to our website http://www.xiaosheng168.com Consult!
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