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    Basically, companies have their own 400 phones, which makes it convenient to set up extensions in daily life. Moreover, the functions of virtual numbers are now very rich, making daily use very convenient and improving work efficiency for enterprises. The Jinan 400 phone application company believes that to easily use the 400 number, it is necessary to understand some issues in advance:
    What if there are too many extension settings?
    One feature of the larger 400 phone is that it can be set with an extension, which can be bound to a phone number and landline number, and can be operated in the background. Moreover, there is generally no upper limit requirement for binding numbers, and binding can be done normally according to regulations.
    However, many companies may have bound too many numbers at once, and can also increase or decrease them through the backend. If there are too many numbers, only a certain number needs to be reduced. However, it is recommended to conduct testing after the increase or decrease to avoid errors in extension settings, or to promptly fix problems when discovered.
    What should I do if an employee resigns?
    Because the 400 phone itself is often tied to multiple phone numbers, even for mobile work, there is no need to worry about any impact.
    However, many companies may encounter situations where customer service personnel turnover is high. If an employee has already resigned, they only need to delete their number and bind the new employee's phone number.
    Even if the customer service leaves, the company number remains the same, and customers can contact us at any time without affecting daily business processing and communication.
    How to set a new RBT?
    Most enterprises still need to utilize the RBT function of the 400 phone, which can provide a basic introduction to the enterprise and also facilitate basic promotion. Especially during festivals and events, announcements can be made using ringtones.
    At this time, you can play according to the RBT, directly upload the customized RBT content of the enterprise through the background, and then perform system updates. If the RBT function has not been activated yet, you can also contact the after-sales personnel of the platform. After the other party helps to activate the function, we can add our RBT normally.
    Normally, many companies provide 400 phone customer service throughout the day, so most platforms can also provide 24-hour customer service. This way, if there are any issues with call quality, they can directly contact customer service personnel for post processing. For more related matters, come to our website http://www.xiaosheng168.com consulting service
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