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    With the gradual deepening of people's understanding of the 400 phone, many companies also know that this method can play a promotional role, and the investment is not high, but the return rate is also not low. So is it difficult to apply for a 400 phone number? What kind of identity do you need to apply for a 400 phone number? What should enterprise users do? Below is an analysis of the Jinan 400 phone application company for you:
    1: 400 phone application qualification
    At present, the 400 phone application is only for enterprises, and individuals cannot apply for the 400 phone, which means they must be a legitimate enterprise registered with the industrial and commercial tax department. Even individual businesses cannot apply for a 400 phone number. Government agencies and legitimate enterprises are the main body of 400 telephone applications.
    When applying, you also need to bring various relevant documents. For example, you need to bring a copy of your business license, legal person ID card, etc. to apply on a platform that meets the 400 phone application criteria and wait for the review notice.
    2: 400 phone application process
    If you have the subject qualification for 400 phone application, you can prepare the license and go to the corresponding company to apply. The specific process is as follows:
    1. Submit various materials to the platform, whether it is an on-site application or an online application, all materials need to be prepared and provided as required.
    2. Waiting for notification. When the information you submit meets the requirements of the enterprise, the company that can handle the business will issue a notice, and you can choose the 400 phone number on-site or online.
    3. Choose a package. Any company will develop some packages, including selecting the corresponding number and corresponding packages for different numbers. Because in China, not only telecommunications, China Unicom, and China Mobile can carry out 400 services. These three operators will develop specific packages that users can choose based on their actual needs.
    4. Sign the agreement. After selecting a number and package, users must sign an agreement with the carrier, which means they must pay the cost of the 400 phone application in a timely manner. After all the programs are completed, they can officially start using the 400 phone.
    5. Hardware configuration. Enterprise users can also choose various hardware used for different 400 phones, such as telephones and switches. Of course, they can also use the equipment provided by the operator. The enterprise sets aside a certain space inside as a room for 400 phone operation, and then equips certain workers to provide wiring training for service personnel. The enterprise's 400 phone operation can begin.
    Because the 400 phone number represents the image of a company, the company uses a unified number that remains unchanged for life. It can have the spirit of a century old enterprise and achieve very subtle but good advertising effects! For more related matters, come to our website http://www.xiaosheng168.com consulting service
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