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    400 phone, in simple terms, is a type of main and called sharing service, which mainly needs to bear the local call access fee, while the called needs to bear all incoming and outgoing calls as backup. Currently, 400 phone is widely used in sales in multiple industries, such as pre-sales and after-sales service consulting. Below, Jinan 400 Telephone Handling Company will explain more related matters to you:
    1、 400 phone segment
    Currently, there are many number segments for 400 telephones. 4006 belongs to the China Unicom number segment, 4007 belongs to China Mobile Railway, 4008 belongs to China Telecom, 4001 belongs to China Mobile's new number segment, 4000 belongs to China Unicom's new number segment, and 4009 belongs to China Telecom's new number segment.
    2、 The Meaning of the 400 Phone
    The 400 telephone is specially designed for enterprises and institutions, and is a virtual telephone switchboard with unified numbers nationwide. It should be noted that all calls to the 400 switchboard number will be transferred to a predetermined fixed phone, or to mobile phones and call center dedicated lines.
    The 400 telephone switchboard is responsible for handling incoming calls and cannot make outbound calls. The cost of a 400 call is shared between the enterprise and the user who dials the 400 call, and the caller needs to pay the local city call fee. It can be said that the 400 hotline reflects a company's service awareness, and it is also a symbol of the company's reputation and strength.
    3、 The characteristics of the 400 phone
    The characteristic of the 400 phone number is that it is a unique number in the country. It uses a ten digit 400 number and directly binds the company's existing phone number. This way, the company only needs to publicly disclose the unique 400 number in the country, which is convenient for the company to carry out unified promotion and is easy to remember.
    When a customer dials the 400 number, the 400 call can be redirected to different numbers in the company based on your location. In other words, if the customer remembers the 400 number, it is equivalent to remembering the company.
    Many times, companies will change their original numbers due to various reasons such as business, but the 400 number does not need to be changed because it is universal nationwide. Simply change the phone number bound to the 400 number, so that the company will not lose business.
    The 400 number applied for by a company is the only virtual number in the country, which can remain unchanged for life. Even when moving, it will not change. The company only needs to change the physical phone number bound to the 400 number, and old customers can still call the 400 number. This way, the company will not lose customers.
    The above is the relevant content of the 400 phone that the editor shared with everyone. Do you have a certain understanding of the 400 phone? If you need it, you can contact us http://www.xiaosheng168.com Process.
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