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    With the development of the communication industry, we will find that many companies have replaced customer service calls with numbers starting with 400. So, why do companies use 400 numbers? Why is a 400 phone more suitable for businesses than fixed line? Below is an analysis by the 400 phone service personnel in Jinan:
    A 400 phone number is safer and more representative of the company than a fixed line number. The 400 phone number is specifically designed for enterprises and institutions, and requires formal business licenses and other qualifications. However, fixed line telephones support personal and family applications, so the 400 phone number is more secure, can increase users' trust, and also greatly help improve the company's image.
    A 400 phone is a virtual number that connects to a physical phone to receive calls. It supports simultaneous access to multiple numbers, while a fixed line can only answer one incoming call. Therefore, a 400 phone is not easily busy and allows enterprises to serve each customer in a timely manner. In addition, the 400 phone also has voice navigation and job number broadcasting, which can make enterprise services more attractive like large enterprises.
    The 400 phone is not just a simple number, it has many functions, such as improving the quality of enterprise service, increasing business volume, promoting enterprise marketing and promotion, high-efficient enterprise office, and so on. These are all things that fixed line telephones do not have.
    400 phone management is also very convenient. Enterprises can set their own functions and numbers in the background, and can also query the data recorded by the system and the usage of phone bills. However, the 400 phone cannot be called out, it is mainly used to answer business, and this needs to be noted.
    It is recommended that enterprises find a reliable service provider to handle the process, which can better meet the needs of the enterprise in terms of numbers. Beware of low-priced service providers.
    The number resources of service providers are more abundant, and they can provide numbers from various number segments of the three major operators. Enterprises have more choices, and the probability of selecting the desired number is higher. The number of the service provider can be selected for free, and enterprises only need to pre save the phone bill to choose a free number. However, it should be noted that the number cannot be randomly selected and needs to be selected in the corresponding number table of the package. In addition to the number aspect, the service provider has a professional service team and technical team, which can provide more support for the enterprise. Not only is the handling convenient and fast, but also the after-sales service is more guaranteed.
    When choosing a number, it is recommended for enterprises to purposefully choose, or to ask customer service to recommend some good numbers, so that the selected numbers will be simple and easy to remember. For more related matters, come to our website http://www.xiaosheng168.com consulting service
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