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    The 400 phone can realize various functions through the cloud platform system, such as call intelligent distribution, blacklist setting, recording, voicemail and other functions of the call center. Even with zero input, enterprises can immediately use the call center system suitable for SMEs. In addition, even if the enterprise relocates, it will not change the number and will not lose a customer. The 400 phone has a nationwide unified number and unified access function, which can effectively showcase the brand image of the enterprise and is a powerful assistant for enterprise marketing.
    Many companies have applied for 400, and many have reported that they may not be able to reach 400. Below, a legitimate 400 phone service provider in Jinan will analyze the specific reasons.
    1. When the number cannot be connected or the line is busy, it is usually due to arrears, power off, not in the service area, or a broken phone. The line may be busy, or it may be due to not registering or being on a call with someone else.
    2. The wrong phone number was bound, and some phone numbers require an area code.
    3. The waiting time for call settings has exceeded a certain period, which usually needs to be set at 15 seconds or longer, but it must not exceed 60 seconds.
    4. Arrearage notification: If there is a phone notification of arrears, it should be promptly charged without affecting usage.
    5. If the caller is set to a blacklist, how long will it not get through.
    6. The number may have been set, divided into accessible/inaccessible areas.
    In short, the application range of the 400 phone is very wide now, and everyone must have a certain knowledge of the 400 phone. When customers call for inquiries, they can provide timely answers. Come and contact us if you have any needs http://www.xiaosheng168.com Open an account and proceed!
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