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    對于400電話,您有沒有過這些疑問?如:現在客戶服務方式可選性很廣, 為何很多公司還選擇用400電話?刷抖音、逛商場看到很多產品包裝都有400電話,400電話有什么特別?企業話務量沒有那么大,辦理400電話值不值得?等等...
    Have you ever had these questions about the 400 phone number? For example, with a wide range of customer service options, why do many companies still choose to use a 400 phone? I saw that many products are packaged with 400 phones when I swipe Tiktok and go shopping. What's special about 400 phones? Is it worth handling 400 phone calls when the company's traffic volume is not as large? wait...
    Why do many companies use the 400 phone? The Jinan 400 phone application company believes that the 400 phone is not only the official contact number provided by the company to customers, but also plays a crucial role in the development of enterprise business and customer maintenance.
    400 phone number, unique number, nationwide.
    Compared to traditional phone numbers, the 400 number applied for by enterprises is a virtual number, which does not require the purchase of additional hardware equipment. Instead, it is bound to an existing landline or mobile phone, and can also be processed with a real name for lifelong use. Even when a company needs to move, there is no need to change the 400 number. As long as the binding of the company's new fixed line or customer service personal number is changed in the background, customers do not need to worry about the company changing the number and being unable to contact.
    For enterprises, the 400 phone system improves service quality.
    Choosing a 400 phone number that has already been recognized by the market can help companies quickly gain customer trust, clear credit barriers on the customer service path, and help management teams improve efficiency.
    The call recording function records the entire process of employee service. This small recording provides an important basis for enterprise evaluation, customer service quality supervision, and customer service problem analysis.
    Satisfaction survey function, where employees are scored by the served customers. These scores can be directly used by managers to evaluate employees' work and continuously improve customer service quality.
    The time slot setting function allows you to freely set the call answering time and the binding number for transfer. For example, during office hours, use fixed line to answer, and during non office hours, use a mobile phone to answer. This feature provides an effective solution for businesses to work from home during the pandemic.
    Many companies feel that their company is not large and small in size, and they do not need to make 400 phone calls. In fact, this idea is because they do not yet understand 400 phone calls.
    At present, the 400 phone number has become a symbol of corporate brand. Opening the 400 phone number not only reflects the strength and professionalism of the enterprise, but also represents a more service-oriented attitude, which is a great achievement for the enterprise! Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs http://www.xiaosheng168.com Come on!
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