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    How should Jinan enterprises make reasonable choices when dealing with 400 phone business, such as handling methods, procedures, and fees? Before solving this problem, we need to have an understanding of such issues. Below, Jinan 400 Telephone Handling Company will introduce these issues to enterprises in Jinan that need to handle 400 telephone calls.
    Jinan Enterprise 400 Phone Method:
    There are mainly two types, namely: local offline business hall handling or online agent handling. At present, 90% of enterprises choose legitimate online agents to handle 400 phone calls quickly and efficiently due to cost savings (free account selection fees, monthly rental fees, and activation fees). National business, without geographical restrictions. If Jinan enterprises choose to handle 400 phone calls online, they can submit their company application materials online.
    There are four processes required for Jinan enterprises to handle 400 phone calls online:
    1. Choosing a number and package, after selecting a platform that is satisfied with the number, comes an important step. Whether the 400 number and 400 package are well selected directly affects the company's future use of 400 phones.
    2. When signing a contract and handling the payment of fees, it is necessary to pay the cost of handling the 400 number according to the number chosen by the enterprise and the different packages, which is a prepayment.
    3. Submitting audit materials for handling 400 phone business requires the enterprise to provide relevant audit materials.


    4. Waiting for activation, the general review time is 3 working days. Once approved, the enterprise can set the corresponding functions in the 400 backend and put them into use.
    Qualification requirements for 400 phone application:
    A copy of the applicant's valid ID card is required
    A copy of the business license of the enterprise is required
    Note: Since 2016, the 400 phone system has implemented the real name application method, and enterprises must use the actual company's ID opening number in use. Otherwise, if the number is found to be different from the actual service scope, they will face the risk of the 400 number being directly shut down.
    400 phone charging standard:
    Many users mistakenly believe that a 400 call is a toll free number, which is incorrect. Calling a 400 call is a fee, and any place within China that dials a 400 service number only pays the local call fee, which is the same as calling a local fixed phone. The payment method divides the cost of a call into two parts, which are shared between the calling customer and the called business user. The sharing ratio can be changed, but the total cost remains unchanged.
    The above is the relevant introduction to the "Jinan 400 Phone Application Process Fee Notice". We hope it can be helpful to you. If you have any questions about the 400 phone application process, you can directly contact our online customer service http://www.xiaosheng168.com Or call customer service for consultation.
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