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    Nowadays, there are many people who choose to apply for a 400 phone number, but the vast majority of them may have some doubts before applying, such as whether the 400 phone number is completely free? If there is a fee, how is it charged? Wait a moment, let's have the Jinan 400 phone service personnel analyze for you:
    Is the 400 call completely free?
    The 400 phone call is not completely free, the number is free, but there is still a need to pre store the phone fee, which is directly related to the selected package. The 400 phone itself is specifically created for enterprises and institutions. You can choose to cooperate with service providers or operators. Generally, when choosing to cooperate with service providers, it is relatively simple and does not require account opening fees, monthly rent fees, or number selection fees, but requires a certain amount of deposit fees.
    Is the phone bill shared?
    400 calls are not shared, so there is no need to worry too much. During the call process, the company and 400 calls will all be borne by each other. Additionally, there is no need for long-distance expenses, only local expenses. In this regard, users do not need to worry too much. This is a reasonable way to bear the phone bill, which can effectively avoid unnecessary harassment during the use process. For the entire enterprise, it can also effectively promote development, have good results in the later stage, and effectively meet current needs without realizing it. Generally, when applying, pay attention to some details and choose some suitable phones, which will be more convenient in the later use process.
    What is the charging format for a 400 phone call?
    The main choice is to choose the called party, and the calling party also shares the cost together. The calling party needs to bear the call cost, which is generally related to the selected package. If the selected package price is relatively high, it means that the call fee is relatively low, and both parties do not need to bear the long-distance cost at this time. From the perspective of cost, it has good advantages and is relatively friendly for enterprises. Once choosing a 400 phone number, it can effectively save a lot of communication costs and also have countless functions, which can promote the good development of the enterprise and meet the needs of the later stage.
    In addition, every different enterprise obviously also has different telephone business volume. If a company has a relatively large business volume, many important businesses need to be conducted through the phone, which indicates that it must make reasonable choices, effectively promote and promote, enhance the company's image, and let more people know about its own business. Come to us if you have any needs http://www.xiaosheng168.com Consult and understand!
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