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    In the perception of many people, the 400 phone is only a customer service phone that starts with 400. Compared with the ordinary telephone and mobile phone number, it is nothing more than the difference of the number segment. In fact, when you really understand the 400 telephone, you will find that Jinan 400 telephone has many advantages over ordinary telephone.
    1、 400 phone can easily solve the problem of a large number of customers calling at the same time
    Every time an ordinary telephone receives a call, it can only be the first line. When the number of customer inquiries is low, the telephone line will not be busy. However, when multiple customers call at the same time, it is easy to get busy. At this time, customers will often stop calling because of the busy line, which virtually leads to the loss of corporate customers. This situation is undoubtedly a headache for enterprises.
    However, if an enterprise opens a 400 phone, there is no such headache, because a 400 phone generally supports 200+extensions, and the common phone and mobile phone number can be bound. At this time, the enterprise can set the relevant settings from the assigned phone. When the customer has different needs for inquiry, it will be intelligently assigned to the idle extension, and the phone will not be busy.
    2、 Enterprises do not need to worry about customer loss for address relocation or number change
    If an enterprise uses an ordinary telephone to deal with customer service problems, they will lose part of their original customer base after the enterprise changes the city or number, because if they want to keep the original customers informed one by one, the effect is poor and the cost is high. However, if they use the 400 phone, they have no such worry, because even if they change the landline number or mobile phone contact, they only need to change the binding number of the 400 phone, and the 10-digit telephone number that is commonly used in the country does not need to be changed at all, which will not affect the development of customer service and business promotion.
    3、 400 phone allows customers to experience more value-added functions
    1. Enterprises can use the announcement RBT function to expand their publicity and increase people's awareness of corporate culture and corporate activities.
    2. The intelligent voice navigation function can automatically divert customers with different needs to corresponding departments, which is more conducive to the one-to-one service of enterprises to customers.
    3. The function of automatic reservation of call records can protect the rights and interests of customers and employees, and also use enterprises to make adjustments to business operations based on call records.
    In addition, compared with the number selection range of ordinary phones, 400 phones have more digital combinations, and China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile have a variety of distinctive and easy-to-remember phone number segments for enterprises to choose, which is difficult for ordinary phones to do. So you have 400 requirements. It is recommended to contact us who specializes in business http://www.xiaosheng168.com oh
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