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    Enterprise users must pay attention to the selection of agents when applying for the 400 phone. The qualification number resources and services of agents will affect the application efficiency and the use experience after opening the 400 phone. Especially, users who build the 400 phone VIP system should choose powerful agents to get the support of professional and technical personnel.
    Function introduction: the mobile phone scanning code enters the 400 butler applet, and you can view the balance of the phone charge at any time and anywhere. The call recording function opens the seat settings, etc.
    Function advantages: no computer login, mobile office, convenient and fast
    Function case: mobile phone scanning code or searching 400 housekeeper's applet, you can log in and operate with one button
    Support the binding of three-network mobile phones, and add mobile phone numbers for binding and intelligent transfer based on the unlimited number of customers using 400 phones
    It is convenient for enterprises to connect with customers, and will not cause customers to call because the line is busy
    Select different answering modes according to the needs of 400 customers:
    Answer in sequence: answer the phone in sequence according to the binding seat order.
    Random answer: customer service personnel answer at random.
    Average answering: the average number of incoming calls is allocated, and the workload of customer service personnel is shared.
    This article is supported by Jinan 400. For more details, please click our website http://www.xiaosheng168.com We will wholeheartedly provide you with satisfactory service.
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