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    First, build the enterprise's facade
    When the user dials the 400 phone of the enterprise, there will be a waiting period, and the setting of RBT content can fill this short waiting period with the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise. The most commonly used RBT content can be enterprise scale introduction, enterprise name introduction, enterprise product introduction, etc. A complete RBT content setting is equivalent to an enterprise delivering a voice business card to users, which can quickly shorten the distance between users and enterprises in a few seconds.
    Of course, after the 400 phone application, you can also personalize the RBT content to increase the attractiveness of the enterprise. For example, if the majority of enterprise users are local users, you can set RBT in local dialect, which can make users feel more friendly. You can also use some popular music clips on the network or some popular conversations to set the RBT, which can also attract customers and make them have a relaxed and happy mood.
    Second, powerful voice mailbox function
    Although the 400 phone has the powerful advantage of zero busy line, it also has a "nap" moment. Sometimes the user may call 400 in the middle of the night, and the enterprise cannot answer it in time. At this time, the 400 phone will automatically store the customer information into the voice mailbox, and the enterprise can process the information left by these customers at the first time.
    After the 400 phone application, the voice mailbox will also be opened immediately. The opening of this function makes up for some blank time periods of 400 telephone connection, and it is a complete complement to the 400 telephone connection function. The access of voice mail can ensure that enterprises will not miss any accessed telephone information 24 hours a day, and effectively improve the customer conversion rate of enterprises.
    Third, reverse reminder function
    Sometimes, due to the user's reason, the call cannot be connected successfully when the 400 call is played. For example, the user's mobile phone signal is insufficient, and the mobile phone is powered off instantaneously, which will cause the connection failure. After the 400 call application, the SMS will be sent to the user in time after the user fails to call. This function can prevent the loss of users and maximize business opportunities for enterprises.
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