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    Now, with the restriction of the state that small and medium-sized enterprises do not need to register capital, more and more enterprises have started activities. Successful registration requires expanding publicity to facilitate customers to remember. Therefore, many customers now ask Jinan how to handle 400 phone calls. Jinan enterprises can also choose Lingwo Technology, which is a first-class agent facing the country.
    We need to know that the 400 call is not free. It is a national unified customer service number with ten digits beginning with 400. There is no limit to the answering terminal, no limit to the length of time. It is really free of charge. It belongs to the telephone service of the shared payment between the caller and the callee. But how can Jinan handle 400 calls? First, choose a regular agent.
    How to handle 400 calls in Jinan
    With the development of the network, many 400 telephone agents are being criticized. It is suggested that we should not be greedy for a temporary gain, but choose a regular agent and good after-sales service. Lingwo Technology is the first class agent of the three major operators, with many numbers, full functions and reasonable fees, so it is the first choice of enterprises.
    How does Jinan handle 400 calls? The current 400 phone has been completely upgraded, and there is no geographical restriction. Whether you are in Jinan or Beijing, you can choose any formal agency to handle it. The procedures are as follows:

    1. Consult and select the number, select the appropriate New Year Package according to the business scale of your company, and select the easy to remember 400 number.
    2. Sign a contract with the agency to pay the money.
    3. Submit relevant materials: copies of the company's business license, code certificate, corporate ID card and business contract.
    4. Service opening: 2 hours for fast service, 1-2 working days for some numbers.
    5. 400 telephone can only be handled by enterprises or individual businesses.
    Provide enterprise business license or self-employed business license with official seal.
    Provide a copy of the ID card of the person in charge of the enterprise on both sides, with the official seal affixed.
    The 400 phone is easy and fast to handle, free of account opening fees and monthly rent. It does not need to install any hardware equipment. You can use the 400 phone by binding it to the company's existing fixed line and mobile phones. Now you have a better understanding of how to handle the 400 phone in Jinan. If you still have questions, you can consult online customer service.
    The above is a detailed introduction to the Jinan 400 phone, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude http://www.xiaosheng168.com
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