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    Many people will encounter some problems when handling 400 calls. Because they have not done the corresponding understanding, the handling time will be longer, so some knowledge about 400 calls needs to be understood in advance.
    What materials do you need to handle 400 telephone calls? Can you handle them personally?
    400 telephone is a telephone service launched by operators for enterprises, which cannot be handled by individuals. The new annual inspection business license, legal person ID card, letter of authorization and ID card of the handler, 400 telephone acceptance form and other qualifications shall be provided.
    Where can I handle the 400 phone call?
    It can be handled at the operator or the agent. Handling at the operator's place requires the number fee, service charge, etc., which will increase the cost, have fewer functions, but have higher security; You only need to select a package at the agent, pay the corresponding amount, and it will be stored in the account as a cost. Some large agents will launch relevant value-added functions, which will be easier to meet users. On the whole, it would be better to choose a large agent.
    How about the charge for the 400 phone?
    The cost of 400 calls is shared by the caller and the enterprise, which greatly reduces the cost for the enterprise. The phone charges vary according to the package price. Generally speaking, the higher the package price, the lower the charge. In most cases, the charge is about 0.1 yuan. When choosing the package, enterprises should choose the package that suits them according to the actual situation.
    How to select 400 numbers?
    Many enterprises will choose simple and easy to remember numbers when choosing 400 numbers, but some good numbers will be expensive, and some small enterprises do not need to choose. They can choose some numbers that are of special significance to enterprises to save costs on the premise of good memory.
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