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    The 400 telephone service is a kind of call to call sharing and payment service, that is, the call fee is shared between the enterprise and the user, and the caller only pays the local local call fee. The 400 telephone, also known as the "national unified access code service", is a virtual number composed of 10 digits, similar to the 800 toll free telephone, but an upgraded version of the 800 telephone service, which combines traditional telecommunications resources with modern CTI technology and integrates advanced customer service concepts to help enterprises quickly establish their own calling *, aiming to enhance the enterprise's service brand image and enhance market competitiveness.
    400 phone number
    1. Smooth optical fiber operation
    The 400 telephone lines should be operated by optical fiber in recent years, which will be more smooth. If the current call quality is not so high and perfect, the use of optical fiber will become better. The common small problems in the past, such as sticking, will be solved.
    2. Combined with artificial intelligence customer service
    Artificial intelligence is a new technology that has attracted wide attention in recent years. It is also more intelligent than ordinary robots. For the 400 telephone, if it is replaced by artificial intelligence customer service, it can save a lot of trouble in human resources. In addition, its intelligent service will also save more time and effort compared with human resources.
    3. Integration into big data analysis
    Big data technology is one of the technologies we vigorously develop. No matter which industry, as long as it is integrated into big data analysis, some things will become extremely simple. For example, big data will automatically search for hidden customers, carry out professional marketing for these groups, understand their core needs, and 400 phones will more accurately locate customer groups, which is very convenient.
    4. More accurate positioning of cloud computing
    Similar to the big data analysis technology, cloud computing technology also strengthens the refinement * positioning. Only after accurate positioning can customers be found, which will also increase the probability of successful negotiation. The 400 telephone has a powerful function, called telephone follow-up. Only by using cloud computing well can we get twice the result with half the effort.
    5. Automatically manage classified information
    Nowadays, all kinds of information emerge one after another in this era. No matter what information is, it needs to be classified and sorted to get useful information. Making good use of these information can also make the management of 400 phones more convenient and fast. The automatic management of classified information sometimes needs to be combined with artificial intelligence, which can save time and labor.
    The development of 400 telephone will undoubtedly make the enterprise more efficient and more stable in communicating with customers. In addition, it can also determine the enterprise's launch area and launch time according to the user's call feedback in the enterprise's advertising, which can effectively save the enterprise's costs and increase the enterprise's business volume.
    The above is a detailed introduction to how to handle the 400 phone call. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with professional services http://www.xiaosheng168.com
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